2 or 3 Things I Know About Electronic Waste

Frankenphone is part of "2 or 3 Things I Know About Electonic Waste", an exhibition I created exploring the subject of electronic waste and the culture of repair. The piece directs attention back to a part of our devices we don't seem to acknowledge at all: the technology inside.

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Al Jazeera America

At frog design I worked on Al Jazeera America's first iPhone and Android applications, as one of the interaction designers on the team. The application provides only the most important new stories of the day, displayed in a easy to consume format.

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screenshot of application

Ok Glass, Activate Art Degree

Activate Art Degree explores the world of Google Glass-like products that will make the value of esoteric knowledge become increasingly less important. It is an example of an application that enables the art scholar in any of us: it detects artwork and dictates an monologue that will impress your teacher, parents and date.

MFA D+T Bootcamp 2013 website

The MFA Design & Technology program organizes 'Bootcamp' for incoming students. I was among the group of second years to teach the 2013 edition of the course, and took care of the design and development of the website (logo by Francesca Castelli).

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screenshot of Bootcamp website
3d printed gun

Digital Fabrication

The 3D printed gun hullabaloo was at a particular high while I took the course 'Digital Fabrication', during the Spring 2013 semester at MFA D+T. This is my personal, though of course not functional, take on one of those printed guns.

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screenshot of And Github

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Github

Git is a system that could be applied to other subjects than code very effectively. 'And Github' tries to explain this complex system (that some programmers don't even fully understand) to a new group of users, by removing the code from the equation.

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Lightgun—Seduce to Reduce

The Lightgun was part of a series of experiments created for Seduction Project, by Hivos, to nudge Dutch households to save more energy. Inspired by The Fun Theory, the lightgun replaces the boring, everyday experience of the light switch with a toy gun that shoots your lights off.

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Sidekick bracelet

Sidekick Activity Monitor

At Philips Design I explored different ways of enhancing the experience of DirectLife, a Philips product, through data visualizations created from user-generated data. These explorations lead to the design of Sidekick, a new activity monitor.

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Critter, interactive toy

Critter is a toy that lets kids create their own creature: limbs and sensors can be added to a body, the creature reacts to the new form and functionalities it was given. Critter enhances spacial and creative thinking of a child and teaches the understanding of cause and effect.

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Critter toy